The Rio Dab Rig Ushers in the Mechanical Revolution

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The RIO dab rig is a product that we consistently have trouble keeping in stock… it’s that good! While some unfamiliar with the RIO are quick to lump it in with e-rigs because of its portability, it’s actually quite different in design. The most obvious difference is that the RIO is a mechanical dab rig. What does that mean exactly? Well, it’s definitely central to the RIO’s success. 

The Unique Benefits of a Mechanical Dab Rig

Most of us have grown accustomed to certain conveniences offered by state-of-the-art e-rigs like the Focus V CARTA. The RIO offers a distinct advantage over electronic dab rigs thanks to its mechanical design: it doesn’t use coils. Rather, the RIO (an acronym for rig-in-one) has a fully functioning butane torch built into it and perfectly positioned beneath the dab rig’s quartz banger. The torch is held in place by the acrylic resin base that gives the RIO dab rig its distinctive boxy look. Since the RIO doesn’t use an atomizer but rather a built-in torch, its performance is more akin to a traditional glass dab rig than an e-rig. But another benefit of this mechanical design is the fact that you don’t have to put much effort or money into replacing parts. With no need for coils or batteries, the RIO really only requires that you stay stocked up on butane.


What You Get with the RIO Dab Rig

When you purchase the RIO dab rig, you’ll get the acrylic resin micro rig itself, a core reactor quartz banger, built-in butane torch, carb cap, dab tool, water-tight plugs and a rugged zippered carrying case lined with supportive EVA foam for extra protection. A 14mm inline showerhead perc is also built into the cubic base to ensure silkier hits. If you’re not quite sure what to do with those water-tight plugs, they’re designed as stoppers for the rig’s openings so that you don’t have to drain the water from the base everytime you’re on the move. Simply stop up the openings with the plugs ensuring a tight seal and go about your business without the fear of any leaks. 


How the RIO is Perfect for Cold Start Dabbing

Another reason that so many people are drawn to the RIO dab rig is its usefulness in cold start dabbing techniques. For the unfamiliar, cold start dabbing is often praised for preserving flavor and sparing you that white knuckle need for perfectly timing your dab drop. Instead, you simply load your concentrates into the quartz banger of your RIO at room temperature. You must be careful not to load your wax directly on top of the core reactor of the banger but rather on the bottom of the banger and/or sides of the core. This ensures even heat distribution and efficient consumption of the wax. 


Mastering the RIO Torch

Once your wax is loaded, it’s just a simple twist of the gas knob and click of the ignition to start heating your banger with the built-in torch. If you’ve only had experience with e-rigs, this is where you’ll find the steepest learning curve with the RIO dab rig. Using a torch requires a bit more finesse than simply dialing in your preferred temperature. For some people, this can be a drawback of using the RIO, while other users who desire more control and a customized sesh see this nuanced design as yet another feature. If you’re new to the torch, we recommend adjusting the flame intensity so that the flame is more focused. We’ve found this wastes less butane. However, flame intensity will be highly dependent on your personal preference so be prepared to experiment a bit. 


Getting the Best Performance Out of the RIO

If you’re having trouble with residual wax even though you’re not overloading your banger, the included carb cap can help. While pulling in gently with your draw, twist the carb cap to redirect the heat and airflow, thus guiding your wax for maximum efficiency. Not only will this consume every drop of wax but also deliver more flavor and potency with each pull. Overloading the banger also results in more cleanup and wasted material which can obviously get costly. The RIO dab rig is actually one of the easier portable rigs on the market to clean as long as you load the banger with a reasonable amount of concentrate. We recommend cleaning your banger after every use to maintain the optimum flavor and performance. 

Stache Products’ RIO Dab Rig comes in a variety of colors in abstract patterns so you can choose the shade that suits your style… that is if you can get your hands on one at all. Like we said before, these are gone almost as soon as they arrive. But if you’re looking for a traditional dabbing experience with the portability of an e-rig, nothing but the RIO will do. 

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