Using the Right Gear to Feel at Home with Home Dabbing

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We talk a lot about portability here on the 420 Market blog. In an era when convenience is king, it’s often what people want the most out of their gear… at least until they cross that connoisseur threshold. The aficionados still have their portable gear but cherish those relaxed moments at home when they get to break out their stationary set up. Nowhere to be, no one to see… just you and the flavor. For us, that’s what the home dabbing experience is all about: a reflective time to really savor the experience and all of its nuances. Let’s take a look at some of the products that really let you settle into the comfort and connection of dabbing from home. 

Nothing Beats the Right Quartz Banger

With the exception of the RIO mechanical dab rig, you don’t really get that clean and pristine quartz banger experience with the portable dab rig models. The more we travel, the more we try not to take a great dab banger for granted. Maybe it’s a bit nostalgic, but there’s just something about the whole process (loading it up with the dab tool, firing up the torch) that just hits differently. And the flavor difference definitely isn’t in our heads. Home dabbing is just so much more seasoned and that’s largely because of the quality of your quartz banger. One of our favorites that deftly balances quality and price are Fusion bangers. These buckets were fashioned by dabbers for dabbers using a healthy scientific curiosity to craft strong joints, generous capacity and that beveled edge the connoisseurs love so much. Looking for a banger with some more bells and whistles? Then you might be interested in what Honeybee Herb has cooked up. Offering a wide range of dab banger designs, Honeybee Herb will likely have whatever nuance you need to make your banger feel tailored to your sesh specifics. Hey, if you don’t have to worry about dabbing on the go, then why not go for that Honey Suckle terp slurper or extra wide mug banger? Without outside distractions, you can really focus on the sesh and that’s what these kind of quartz bangers are all about. 

Putting the ”Skill” in Skilletools

It may not be the most exciting accessory in your sesh arsenal, but we can’t overstate the importance of a great dab tool. For a relatively modest investment, you can get a dabber from Skilletools that almost seems to custom fit your concentrates if you choose your model wisely. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, your pals here at 420 Market have you covered with our handy dab tool guide. Skilletools has pretty much any toolhead you could need in various quality materials including anodized metal. The comforts of home dabbing aren’t so comfortable if you don’t have the right dab tool for the job. Skilletools may not be as flashy as some of the unique custom dabbers out there, but they give you a lot of quality and control for a decent price!

Everything You Want in a Dab Torch

While e-rigs typically rely on atomizers or other portable heating methods (even the RIO incorporates a built-in mini butane torch), home dabbing normally involves a reliable dab torch. We’re big fans of the Fusion Torch for a variety of reasons, the stay-cool metal nozzle not being the least of them. This is a safety feature that’s earned the Fusion more than a few double-takes. Basically, even when using this dab torch at full blast, you can touch the nozzle within seconds of the flame extinguishing without the risk of being burned. We’ve even seen a few very trusting souls touch the nozzle while the flame is in use (and make no mistake, this is a 2,500°F/1,371°C flame), proving that it really stays cool to the touch even when its dual flames are cranked up. But the Fusion Torch is more than a novelty. It delivers everything we want from a trusted dab torch including adjustable flames, unparalleled control, anti-flare and child-safety features, and a dependable flame that stays strong in all sorts of conditions… even if you hold it upside down. Hey, it’s your sesh… why should the laws of physics stand between you and a good time?

It Ain’t Home Dabbing Without a Dab Rig

We don’t want to overlook the most important piece in the home dabbing setup… the dab rig itself. Whether you’re starting out with your first wax rig or you're simply adding yet another piece to your growing glass collection, breaking in a new rig can be one of the most rewarding experiences in dabbing. Some of our most popular dab rig designs come from the iDab brand and we can see why. Their pieces are consistently user friendly, straightforward dab rigs with style. You need only look to their classic Henny-influenced dab pipes to get what we mean. It seems almost as soon as we get a batch of these in, they’re gone with the demand owing to the dab rig’s performance and iconic design. 

A New Way to Use your E-Rig

Did you know that we offer accessories to transform your favorite e-rigs into home dabbing powerhouses? In some ways, you may even like this trick better than standard home dabbing since it still allows you to use the precision temperature control of your e-rig. Among other glass innovations from Zach Harrison Designs, the CARTA Connection and Peak Plateau allow you to connect your e-rig of choice to your favorite dab rig through a whip. These accessories are also the perfect solution when you’re at home with an out-of-juice e-rig. 

Since dabbing in your home is probably the most intimate way to do it, it makes sense that you should go the extra mile to make sure your gear promotes a comfortable sesh tailored to your preferences. In our experience, a complete sesh just isn’t possible without the right banger, dab tool, torch and, of course, dab rig. But this by no means is an exhaustive checklist. You could further build your setup with dab mats, quartz inserts, and iso stations to make sure every comfort is satisfied. So, the next time you find yourself with all this free time and nowhere to go, don’t sweat it. You just landed on the perfect time to get reacquainted with the pleasures of home dabbing! 

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