How Dabbing On the Go Improved With the Portable Dabber Revolution

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Whether it’s the office, the club, or the open road calling to you, when you start to feel that urge to leave, you know you won’t be able to fight it for long. No matter the length of the road stretching before us, we never have to travel it alone in the modern age of the portable dabber. Portable dab rigs and pocket-sized honey straws now come in so many diverse designs that you won’t have to compromise much when the travel bug hits. Here are just a few ways that modern portable dabbing devices have made traveling in comfort, convenience and style easier than ever. 

Just Add Water

If you think back to the time when dab pens were first being introduced to the market, you probably won’t remember too many complaints. It’s not because the first wax pens were perfect… not by any stretch of the imagination. But the novelty of their convenience was so strong that any potential complaints seemed to evaporate into the ether. Hey, we could dab outside the club! Who cared about smoothness, flavor, or potency? And nobody really did… until they did. As the availability of portable dabber models spread, one of the first elements of the home dabbing experience that was sorely (and vocally) missed was water filtration. But how do you replicate that crisp coolness delivered by water chambers (especially those with built-in percolators) in a device that remains portable? And even if we could get around that challenge, there was another glaring conundrum: how do you install a water chamber in a portable dabber without it leaking and spilling all over the place during transit? Well, we know by now that the people found a way. And most of the manufacturers of portable dabbing devices settled on the same solution: a glass top crowning an upright e-rig. Would a portable electric dab rig fit in your pocket? That depends on the pants, but probably not. Would one allow you to get that refreshing water filtered hit wherever you could bring it? You bet. So, while e-rigs aren’t exactly pocket dabbers, the trade off is more than worth it for most of us. At 420 Market, we offer the Focus V CARTA e-rig and Dr. Dabber Boost Evo portable dab rig among other models. Both of these employ the glass top water chamber with smooth, flavorful results. 

If You Can’t Stand the Heat...

Some people have never quite felt comfortable around a dab torch. There’s no shame in it! But the dab pen was especially welcomed by this sect of dab enthusiasts. Sure, the flavor suffered. Sure, the delivery could be a bit harsh. But, for the first time ever, pyrophobes who couldn’t afford a pricey e-nail could finally enjoy wax without the extra stress. Fortunately, for the flame-adversed, the torchless feature has carried over to most of the portable dabber models. Whether you’re going with the CARTA e-rig, the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo electric rig, or the honey straw-style portable dabbers from Dip Devices, you won’t have to worry about sparking up that butane. This also makes them ideal travel companions for when you want to hop on a plane. It’s worth noting that, though the Stache RIO mechanical dab rig does employ the use of a torch, it’s built into the rig which may ease the minds of some of those that fear the fire.  

Atomizers in Portable Dabber Models

We wouldn’t say it’s brought up often, but we’ve heard complaints more than once about the positioning of the atomizer on the popular portable electric dab rig models. Most e-rigs are structured in such a way that the atomizer juts out. Usually, this isn’t a problem, but during the more hectic hustle-and-bustle moments of travel, we could see how a protruding atomizer could be problematic. The Dr. Dabber Boost Evo portable dab rig positions the atomizer at the top of the device, nestled beneath the glass top. Not only does this add an extra sense of security, but it also allows for a more direct (and thus smoother) airflow. But if you’d rather not deal with atomizers at all, the dab straw designs of Dip Devices’ Dipper and Little Dipper may be more your flavor. With these nectar collector-inspired pieces from Dip Devices, you can simply fire them up like a dab pen and enjoy wax right out of the jar. You also won’t have to worry about replacing atomizers with the Stache RIO since it relies instead on a butane torch built into the body of the mechanical rig. 

Global jetsetters may be cooling their heels while international travel from the states is on hold, but there are still plenty of getaways to enjoy stateside… and plenty of states that are cool with you bringing your portable dabber along for the ride. It seems that each year, the portable dab rig models, pocket dabbers and even dab pens get more convenient, offering similar portability with a more refined experience. And, unlike the early days of e-nails, most of these products are easily affordable… especially when you find them at 420 Market!

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