420 Market Comes to New York!

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By William Tabone

You know us, you love us, and now you can come visit us! With our brand new brick-and-mortar 420 Market smoke shop, we are ready to service all your dab-necessities down to the detail. Conveniently located in Melville, NY, our team is positively stoked to be on this new adventure, bringing the art of dabbing to the East Coast full force. As your local 420 smoke shop, our motto is “To bring the best products in the industry and make things accessible in a way that anyone can understand” regardless of whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran, whether you favor dry herb or concentrate goodness!

The Convenience of CARTA and Beyond

Still new to the world of concentrates and dabbing? Maybe you’ve never even smoked before? Have no fear! Our resident 420 smoke shop experts have assured us that “If grandpa can work a TV remote, we can get him rolling with a Focus V CARTA.” With its easy-to-use design and second-to-none functionality, the CARTA by Focus V is one of our premier appliances. With seemingly endless accessories, we are certain that the CARTA will prove itself to be “the last e-rig you’ll ever need!” Simply fill the top with a little water, load your concentrate or dry herb of choice, turn on your CARTA, and presto! Insta-hit anywhere - no flame required! From our top of the line vaporizers, dab torches, terp timers, glass bangers, extraction equipment, all the way to our exclusive 420 smoke shop kits, we guarantee top of the line quality in both products and customer service. Our mission is to help all our fellow consumers attain the ultimate experience, no matter their preferences. 

A Little Something for the Connoisseurs

You may be wondering, what’s in it for the experienced and highly-informed consumer? For you, we know only the best will do! Featuring the most elite and award winning devices such as: the Little Dipper by Dip Devices, iDab Glass, Terp Timers, Zach Harrison Designs, Dab Rite IR Thermometers, Terpometer, and the Rio Portable Dab Rig by Stache, we know our selection will have you like a kid in a candy shop. We’re the premier 420 smoke shop and we not only provide the best, but demand it from ourselves. We know you take pride and are super-selective in the gear you want and crave, and we want you to know that we stand united with you in that unquenchable desire for the tastiest and most excellent experience. So, grab a friend or family member, come on over, and get ready to slurp up all the terps - just don’t forget to grab your keys on the way out, too!

“Is it Time for a Dab Yet?”

Whether you’re an aficionado of dry herbs or the king/queen of concentrates, the 420 smoke shop has you covered. With new inventory always coming down the pipeline and our classic lineup of the devices you know and love, we’re ready to help take you higher and higher. No matter if you’re young or old, new to the scene or have been around for years. If you’re looking for something for yourself or a gift for a friend, 420 Market is the only name worth trusting. So, come on down, let us serve you and be your one-stop 420 smoke shop for all things dabbing or smoking-related! 

For more details, please see the rest of our website or feel free to come on down to 701 Walt Whitman Rd, Melville, NY, 11747 - we’re excited to meet you soon!

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