The Dab Thermometer Battle Royale: Who’s Your Money On?

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We’ve already gone into the history of dab temp readers in a recent blog, highlighting the best selling points of our big 3: the Terpometer, the Dab Rite Infrared Thermometer, and the Octave Terp Timer. But if you’re new to dabbing or maybe just to dab thermometers, you may still not really know which of these handy tools is the right fit for your rig setup. And when you get to an impasse like this, there’s only one way out: a knockdown, drag-out vicious fight for the title of best dab temp reader! So, forget the history: today, we’re reminding you of each reader’s secret weapon as well as exposing any weaknesses. It’s the dab thermometer battle royale you’ve always wanted! Abandon inconsistent readings all ye who enter!

Lasers Make Everything Cooler

While all 3 of these dab temp readers share a common goal, they achieve it in dramatically different ways. The Dab Rite and Terp Timer use a direct sensor specifically calibrated to work with the nuances of a quartz banger. You’ll find that even within this similar hands-free style of temp reading, the two dab thermometers have differences. Whereas the Octave Terp Timer uses a traditional laser to gather information, the Dab Rite IR Thermometer relies on a state-of-the-art LED light. It’s hard to say if this provides much difference in accuracy (if any), but LEDs are supposed to be safer than traditional lasers. So, if you’re looking for a hands-free temp reader and have a tendency to shine lasers directly into your eye, the LED could be the tiebreaker that hands the Dab Rite the first win of the evening. 

The Most Accurate Dab Thermometer

But wait, what’s this? We’ve got the Terpometer coming back in with a late-round potential upset. While both the Dab Rite and Terp Timer dab thermometers rely on direct sensors for their readings, the Terpometer serves up a sensor that actually comes in physical contact with the quartz banger, providing unparalleled accuracy! You know, folks, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t see this coming. When it comes to accuracy, you just can’t dethrone the OG Terpometer. 

The Tip Trip-Up

Just as the Terpometer seems on the verge of leaving the temp reader Thunderdome victorious, its greatest strength reveals a handicap. We’ve got the refs coming in… it seems that the tip of the Terpometer responsible for that unimpeachable accuracy degrades with frequent use over time. The sensor tip( can be easily replaced, meaning the Terpometer isn’t out of the game just yet, but its advantage is significantly hurt by this development.  

The Importance of Stretching

Swinging back to the Dab Rite IR Thermometer, we find it taking shots that the Terp Timer and Terpometer just can’t match. This is no doubt thanks to its extendable silicone stalk with a 7” reach that helps it tackle wax rigs of all different shapes and sizes. It looks like there’s some disagreement among the fans as to whether the Terpometer’s reach should be counted, since the Terpometer isn’t a hands-free model like the other two. But while they continue deliberating, it’s important to point out that not only does the silicone stalk of the Dab Rite give it impressive reach, it can also be posed into all sorts of different angles. The Terpometer just can’t match that flexibility. 

The Dab Temp Reader That Understands Fashion

So far, it’s been a white knuckle dead heat between the Terpometer and the Dab Rite. Even though we haven’t seen a lot of heat coming from the Terp Timer’s performance, it’s easily the best-dressed contender in the ring. Seriously, have you seen this dab thermometer? If a career in temp reading didn’t take off, it could easily fall back on modeling with its minimal and stoic yet chic design. And who says you have to suffer for fashion? The Octave Terp Timer offers the lowest price point of anyone in this match. This has made it a sleeper favorite for the fans who love rooting for the underdog.

Well, that’s the end of round one and with the judges in disagreement and the ref totally faded, it’s unclear who actually came out on top. We can confirm that, for a battle royale, there have been a surprising 0 casualties so far… all of these dab temp readers are still in the game and fighting to be the one-and-only. But chances are good that you’ve already chosen your candidate based on what we’ve seen in an action-packed first round. So, you tell us… who’s going to win this thing? 

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