Why We Don't Consider Import Quartz Banger a Dirty Word at 420 Market

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When you first enter the wide world of dabbing, it can be as overwhelming as it is shiny and new. It’s not as simple a process as setting a spark to dry flower. Dabbing requires not only more knowledge but also more of an upfront financial investment. There’s no way around that first part: to get into dabbing, you’re going to have to learn a few new tricks. But we’ve got the solution for that second part and if you haven’t guessed ''import quartz bangers'' yet, then we’re scared to put a butane torch in your hands. All joking aside, import dab bangers are the best way for novices to buy into that 710 life at a price point that won’t leave their bank accounts feeling straight-up attacked. 

A Lower Entry Fee

Maybe you’ve heard that old adage in which veteran guitarists tell fledgling shredders to invest in the nicest gear they can afford. The philosophy behind it is that playing on a top-of-the-line 6-string is less challenging and more immediately gratifying, thus increasing the chances of a guitar rookie sticking by it through hours of practice. But we actually recommend an opposite approach when choosing your first banger, especially if you’re not exactly flush with cash following a global pandemic. An import dab banger will always be more affordable than top-of-the-line American-made quartz. If you can afford that Evan Shore quartz banger, go for it. We doubt you’ll regret it. But when dabbing newbies start to add up the cost of a brand new rig, dab tool, dab mat, and a connoisseur’s idea of a rig banger, the total on that receipt can be a shock. And that’s not even counting the wax itself. We can’t imagine you wouldn’t like dabbing, but we also live in a timeline where UFOs are being declassified and Russia’s trying to claim the rights to champagne, so anything’s possible. That’s why we recommend you start with what you can handle. Shave some cash off by starting with an import quartz banger. Sure, some flavor might be compromised. But as you get used to the dabbing ritual, you can gradually save up for that legacy banger while that import continues to take the abuse that inevitably comes up whenever we’re learning something new. 

Sometimes, Your Quartz Banger Needs a Spa Day

A lot of connoisseurs treat “import banger” like a dirty word, but thinking dirty can help pass the time on your way to clean, pristine performance. Before you send that email to our HR department, let us explain. If you’re solely relying on a top-shelf dab banger for every sesh, you’re going to eventually experience some downtime when it goes in for the deep clean in an iso bath. Even if you’re diligently swabbing your quartz banger down after every dab, you’ll need to give it a break at the ol’ isopropyl spa from time to time. In those cases, it’s a true blessing to have a backup banger… and no one backs it up like an import dab banger. You’ll likely taste a difference, but it sure beats a forced t-break. Honeybee Herb make excellent rig bangers that offer you so many bells and whistles, you’ll be too distracted to really miss your more costly daily driver. Likewise, Fusion Bangers with their premium heat retention and 2.5mm thick quartz glass won’t exactly leave you “roughing it” while you wait for the iso to work its magic. 

Protecting Your Investment

But with bangers, a modest investment is an investment nonetheless. Therefore, whether you’re using your import quartz banger to get acquainted with your own personal dabbing ritual or simply using it as your plan B, we recommend giving it a good swabbing after every glob. We’ve found Dab Nation Dab Swabs and Glob Mops both do a thorough job of keeping those chaz stains at bay, but you may want to work in a drop or two of Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner if you need some extra impact. Hey, we remember those early days… it’s hard to learn your way around a torch without scorching a few bangers. Glass cleaner cuts through the grime so we can learn from our mistakes without permanent damage. We also hope you never have to endure the pain of a shattered banger (especially when you don’t have a backup). It’s probably going to happen at some point, but you can hedge your bets by chauffeuring your quartz banger around in a platinum-cured silicone Banger Saver.  

Import quartz bangers may suffer a lot of trash talk, but we couldn’t imagine a world without them. At the very least, dabbing wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular as it is today without them. It’s just like when the first e-nails hit the market with the most affordable models priced in the thousands. It wasn’t until they became widely affordable that we actually got to enjoy the popularity the e-nail deserved. So, be thankful for those import dab bangers. Very few of us would be where we are today without them!

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