Dip Devices and WaxNax are the Power Couple of the Summer

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You could consider us matchmakers here at 420 Market. The execs at Tinder don’t need to sweat; our heart-shaped arrows are aimed purely at ancillary smoke shop gear. But we know a perfect match when we see one, and few flavors go together quite like WaxNax Insert Cases and the Dip Devices product line. Really, all honey straw models work well with quartz inserts since they’re basically inspired by that OG Nectar Collector design, allowing you to conveniently consume straight from the source. But, we’ve personally been excited about the Little Dipper from Dip Devices so we’ll be keeping it simple today by discussing how the Dip Devices line works so beautifully with WaxNax cases. 

Is That an Entire Sesh in Your Pocket or…? 

Dip Devices are known for their “Toss the Torch” mantra and, while we’d never treat our beloved butane beauties so unceremoniously, there are plenty of times when we just need to get up and go and a clunky gas-filled torch doesn’t really adapt to that kind of flow. But WaxNax cases slip right into your pocket and the Little Dipper does the same. Heck, the regular-sized Dipper is even compact enough to be a pocket jockey. If you’re in a hurry and not demanding an impeccably pristine sesh with unparalleled flavor nuances, this combo is certain to satisfy. In our experience, having a Dipper and WaxNax case on hand just makes tight situations and time constraints feel that much looser. 

WaxNax Quartz Insert Cases Keep You Prepared



But as all the former scouts out there would tell you, WaxNax cases are best when you’re using them to “be prepared.” You can use the 20 quartz inserts that fill out your WaxNax to pre-measure your wax doses so they’re ready whenever you are. This is how you not only get a party started but keep it going. Nothing jams up the inertia of a sesh like having to take a break to load up your next insert. But when you have 20 pre-loaded quartz inserts waiting for showtime in the comforts of your pocket, you’re not likely to run into such drags.  

Dip Devices and the Quartz Revolution

As we mentioned, both the Dipper and Little Dipper illustrate a distinct evolution from the Nectar Collector models that started it all. While the first Nectar Collectors used metal tips, both the Dipper and Little Dipper offer up a ceramic tip coated in a smooth quartz glaze finish. The ceramic base helps to keep these pocket dabbers affordable while offering the heat retention benefits of the material while the quartz glaze provides cleanliness and preserves the nuanced flavor profiles of the wax. To enjoy hassle-free wax directly from your WaxNax quartz inserts, you can simply insert the heated tip of your Dipper or Little Dipper into the insert and use as you would any honey straw. 

So, as you can see, WaxNax and Dip Devices go together like peanut butter and jelly. If only they were available in one neatly packaged bundle at a reduced price! Wait, what’s that? 420 Market does offer special kits pairing the unbelievably convenient and affordable Dipper or Little Dipper with WaxNax 20-Slot Quartz Insert Cases at bundle pricing? Well, far be it for us to deny a perfect match their happy Hollywood ending!

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