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It feels like Kandypens have been around for ages, but it just shows you how much they’ve done in the shockingly brief time since their founding in 2014. Since then, we’ve seen a full parade of glossy, candy-colored “confections” marching from Kandypens HQ to smoke shop shelves with each building on the chic company’s buzz. It was a hard choice, but we’ve managed to narrow down our 3 favorite Kandypens products (so far). See if you agree!


Pod People Make Some Noise for the Kandypens Rubi

We like to know what we’re getting with our oils and distillates and the best way to do that is to make our own. It’s in that sense of control that the Kandypens Rubi became an instant classic. Unlike similar devices (*cough* Juul *cough*), the Kandypens Rubi offers an open system, which basically means that the cartridges (or pods) are refillable. We like to fill these cartridges with our own concoctions so we know exactly what we’re enjoying with no unpleasant surprises. The Rubi comes in a generous variety of color options, but would it really be a Kandypens product if it wasn’t available in some color you’d only ever seen in a dream? Portability comes with peace of mind, because the Rubi’s anodized aluminum shell is as rugged as it is lightweight. Featuring a ceramic cell coil housing a wick carefully wrapped in organic Japanese cotton, you really get a sense of quality with the Rubi. We also love that it’s an air-activated design so we’re not accidentally setting it off in our pockets and depleting the battery. 


The Kandypens Oura Offers a Sweet Take on the E-Rig

The Kandypens Oura offers the vibrant brand’s take on the e-rig and does so with flying colors (but that’s the Kandypen way). So, what does the Kandypens Oura offer that keeps it astride favorites like the Focus V CARTA and Puffco Peak? We love the quartz atomizer for its powerful flavor and ease of cleaning. You can change the temperature preset even in the middle of the Kandypen Oura’s “session mode” which is convenient for those of us who change our mind in the moment. You can also use the Oura while it’s charging which is a really nice touch. You’ve been there before: wanting nothing more than a hit off your e-rig but have to wait while it finishes charging up. Those kinds of doldrums are very rare for the Oura. Finally, its round, bubbly appearance may be more aesthetically pleasing to you than other e-rigs, depending on your personal tastes. We’d venture to call it slightly more feminine in appearance than the Peak or the CARTA, but you can judge for yourself! 


Kandypens Nails the E-Nail with the Session

Finally, we come to the latest addition to the Kandypens roster and one that makes a decent sized splash for its balance of innovation and convenience. The Kandypens Session introduces the brand’s first portable e-nail at a price so affordable, it’s bound to have inspired some double-takes. Believe the price and believe the hype… this 2-in-1 device definitely earns its keep. You can use the Session by attaching it to a glass dab rig with a 14mm joint size or just as its own pocket-sized device which makes it deeply convenient.  We also enjoy its liberating, wide-open, airy draw with flavorful, plentiful pulls. 

Kandypens reinforces confidence in their products by offering lifetime manufacturer warranties (that cover the battery for the Kandypens Rubi and Session and everything for the Kandypens Oura). When you look at the quality each of these products provides, the affordability becomes almost unbelievable. And it's pretty easy to find a color that matches your distinct aesthetic (although the Kandypens Session is currently only available in black, white or red without any word on whether future color variants will become available… we’re betting not). Who knows what vibrant creation will come pouring out of the Kandypens headquarters next, but these 3 products will be tough to top.


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