Want to Make Rosin Edibles? Here are the Basics

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Rosin edibles are as easy to make as any kind of cannabis edible! Just remember to:

  • Decarb your rosin – experiment with a heat range of 220°F -  250°F for 20 – 90 minutes (until the bubbles subside).
  • If you infuse the decarbed rosin into oil, just replace the oil in any recipe with your infused rosin.
  • No oil? No problem. Just add your decarbed rosin into your recipe and experiment!

If you know your way around a rosin press, you need no introduction to the joys of that golden extract. But for the uninitiated, rosin is a potent flower extract produced through a combination of heat, pressure and time. This rather simple process bypasses the need for complex lab setups and dangerous solvents. All you need is some parchment paper and your trusty rosin press. There are several ways you can enjoy rosin, but one of the least obvious is using it as an ingredient in your edibles. You can give your edibles new life and potency by using the extracted rosin itself (or the remaining rosin chips) as an ingredient. Today, we’re going to go over the basics you’ll need to get started.


Why Rosin is Perfect for Edibles

Arguably the best reason that rosin is so useful as an ingredient in edibles is that it’s so easy to measure an accurate dose. If you’re using a gram of rosin, you can estimate that it will pack approximately 1,000mg. Since portioning can be one of the most uncertain factors when enjoying homemade edibles, this is almost like a built-in safeguard. Another reason rosin makes such an ideal ingredient in edibles when compared to other types of extracts is that rosin uses a solventless extraction process so there’s absolutely no chance of residual solvents ending up in your edible. The only other extract that can make that promise is hash.


The Importance of Decarbing Your Rosin

As is the case with pretty much any type of flower product being used for infused edibles, decarboxylation is a crucial first step in preparing your rosin (or rosin chips) for use in any recipe. But decarbing your rosin is a bit different than decarbing raw flower. It’s also not a simple one-size-fits-all recipe. There are several ways you can go about decarbing your rosin, from using decarboxylators like the Ardent FX or Nova to using crock pots, stove tops or your oven. We recommend determining your rosin decarbing method first, then doing some quick research for that specific method. Why not mirror the success of those who came before you and learn from their mistakes without making your own?


How to Decarb Your Rosin for Edibles

But just to give you a general idea of what you’ll be getting into when decarbing your rosin, you’ll need to heat your extract somewhere between the range of 220°F and 250°F for anywhere between 20 and 90 minutes. Those are both pretty large windows. As a guide, you can keep in mind that higher temperatures will require less time but can also burn away some of your rosin’s potency. If you’re unsure as to whether you’ve decarbed your rosin for long enough, simply keep an eye on the bubbles in the rosin. Once they’ve subsided, the decarbing process should be complete. Follow a similar process for rosin chips, although the decarbing time for rosin chips will likely be 25 minutes or less.


Making Your Rosin Edibles

What you do next will largely depend on your recipe, but with your rosin now decarbed, your options aren’t very limited. The most popular option would be to infuse an oil with the decarbed rosin, making it as simple as possible with a Magical Butter Machine or Ardent Nova or FX. Then, the resulting oil can be used as a substitute for vegetable or canola oil in an army of recipes. Technically, you could just dump the decarbed rosin into any recipe, which may seem like the best solution for those that don’t call for oil. But without the oil as a base, it may not mix as evenly and could result in less-than-stellar results.

So, whether you need to give your throat a break after a particularly harsh dab or you’re just in the mood for something different, fine tuning a recipe to make rosin edibles could be just what you need. The process is simple if you have your trusty rosin press and your home decarboxylator (Ardent Nova or FX) or infuser (Magical Butter Machine) but you can fall back on other DIY methods if you’re in a pinch.


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