MJ Arsenal Quartz Bangers - 10mm

MJ Arsenal

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Quartz Buckets the MJ Arsenal Way

Bring that unmistakable MJ Arsenal craftsmanship and quality to your mini dab rig with a replacement quartz banger. Choose from the large or standard bucket sizes, both crafted from 100% genuine quick-heating quartz. Featuring a depth of 26mm, these quartz banger models give you plenty of room while also remaining easy to clean. 

  • Crafted from 100% quartz
  • Joint size: 10mm
  • Depth: 26mm

Large Quartz Bucket Specs:

  • Outer diameter: 20mm
  • Inner diameter: 14mm
  • Quartz thickness: 3mm
  • Recommended cool down time: 1:10 - 1:30


Standard Quartz Bucket Specs:

  • Outer diameter: 15mm
  • Inner diameter: 11mm
  • Quartz thickness: 2mm
  • Recommended cool down time: 45 - 60 seconds

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