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Efficient Cleaning Swabs at a Fraction of the Price

Are you looking to breathe new life into your glass collection but don't want to break the bank over it? Dab Nation Dab Swabs are your answer, providing premium organic cotton tipped cleaning tools at a fraction of the cost of the bigger name brands on the market. These biodegradable, eco-conscious cotton swabs use proprietary fibers to make short work of even the most tenacious waxes and oils, restoring bangers, nails, dab rigs, water pipes and any other glass pieces to their former glory. Each cleaning swab features a blunt tip on one side and a narrow, precision tip on the other so every nook and cranny can be reached and cleaned efficiently. These swabs use a paper stick that's both sturdy and pliable, contributing to ease of use and versatility needed to tackle even heady glass pieces. No chemicals or fragrances are added so you can just clean and enjoy. 
  • Premium organic cotton tipped swabs
  • Proprietary fibers absorb even the most stubborn waxes
  • Blunt tip on one side, precision tip on the other
  • Biodegradable and eco-conscious
  • Sturdy yet pliable paper stick 
  • No added chemicals or fragrance

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