Magical Butter DecarBox™ Digital Probe Thermometer

Magical Butter

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Decarboxylating All the Way to the Bank

Baking edibles just got more efficient thanks to the Magical Butter DecarBox™ Digital Probe Thermometer. Perfect for home use, this thermometer kit allows you to get an accurate reading on your oven's temperature without having to open it, releasing heat and thereby losing cash. Using a stay-cool external digital display attached to a hygienic, heat-resistant silicone shell, this set preserves plant compounds and phytonutrients often lost in the decarboxylation process. The consistency delivers reliable results, allowing you to tailor each batch to your preferred potency. 

  • Precision digital probe thermometer 
  • Stay-cool external digital display
  • Food-grade, oven-safe silicone protective shell
  • Improves energy efficiency by preventing loss of your oven's heat
  • Allows you to tailor the potency of your products

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