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The Beginning and End of a Quality Sesh!

Light this candle with a combo kit that gives you a torch to start the party and a small army of cleaning swabs to leave no traces!

The Blazer Big Shot offers a 2500°F torch that handles whatever you throw at it. You can even turn this dab torch upside down without the flame losing its strength. With a large reservoir capable of supporting 35-minutes of continuous ignition, this is the butane torch you want in your corner for any marathon sesh.

You also get a pack of Terp Wipes for 70 swabs and 3 sticks total! That’s a whole lot of clean glass!  Each swab is made with 75% food grade, grain-based ethyl alcohol; a safe, non-toxic solution. The swabs themselves are ultra-absorbent and will not shred compared to pharmacy brand wipes. Terp Wipes use super thick cotton pads soaked in a safer alcohol that leaves less residue and evaporates slower than iso, allowing you more time to use your wipe. So fire up with confidence and let the Terp Wipes wipe away the problems!

But that's not all! You also get a pack of Hemper Tech Cotton Swabs to help you get into those nooks and crannies leaving you ready to keep the party going. Each swab's 2-in-1 design offers both a rounded cotton tip and a pointed cotton tip. Messes aren’t as fun to clean up as they are to make, but this combo kit keeps good times rolling from start to finish!

Blazer Big Shot Specs:

  • Anti-flare, brass-frame nozzle for maximum safety and flame control.
  • Attachable tabletop base for convenient, hands-free use.
  • Gas-flow adjustment dial to control flame length.
  • Piezoelectric ignition system requires no electrical connection!
  • 2,500°F torch flame for a more precise flame tip.

Terp Wipes Specs:

  • Pack contains 70 swabs. 
  • Safe on Glass, Quartz, Metal, Grinders, Mood Mats, Vapes and Sticky Fingers! If you’ve got it, Terp Wipes clean it!
  • Sanitize your pipes safely with this totally hygienic cleaning solution.
  • Grain Based Alcohol, a major ingredient of Terp Wipes, is food safe and non-toxic.
  • Terp Wipes solution consists of 75% ethyl alcohol for a clean, pure product.   

Hemper Tech Cotton Swabs Specs:

  • Includes both a rounded tip and a pointed tip so that you can thoroughly reach every nook and cranny of your glass.
  • Sturdy wooden handle that allows you to really get in there for serious cleaning without fear of breakage.
  • Absorbent, 100% cotton material makes short work of resin, tar and other tenacious filth.


  • 1 x Blazer Big Shot Torch (Black)
  • 1 x Terp Wipes (70 Count)
  • 1 x Hemper Tech Cotton Buds (200 Count)

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