Zach Harrison Design Nail Adapter with Converter- Puffco Peak

Zach Harrison Designs

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Life Beyond Your Puffco Peak's Battery

There's nothing more frustrating than investing all of that cash in a Puffco Peak only to realize you can't use it with your favorite dab nail or banger. Zach Harrison Design must have felt your pain because they've brought us this Nail Adapter for use specifically with your Puffco Peak. Now, you have the freedom to use any 10mm or 14mm dab nail with your Puffco Peak for maximum flavor and comfort. If your Peak's battery dies or your atomizer gives up the ghost, you won't be haunted by a drought of dabs thanks to this adapter. And, as with all Zach Harrison Design glass products, this piece is crafted right here in the U.S.A

  • Allows you to use any 10mm or 14mm nail with your Puffco Peak
  • American-made glass

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