Xvape XMax V2 Pro Vape Kit

Xvape XMax V2 Pro Vape Kit


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Flower or Wax Pen? Why Not Both?

When trying to find a vape pen under $100, you may think you need to decided between a wax vape or a dry herb vape. But the XMax V2 Pro Vape Kit from Xvape says "Why not both?" This highly affordable dual use vape pumps out non-combustible goodness on a budget and does so with surprising quality. Power and temperature are all controlled with one-button simplicity. Whether you're using this as a flower or wax pen, it's easy to load thanks to a generously sized chamber.

  • Dual use vape pen for wax or dry herb
  • 5 temperature presets
  • Quick heating
  • Interchangeable 18650 battery
  • Wide chamber

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