The Terpometer Precision Dab Thermometer Titanium


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The Precision a Perfect Sesh Demands

Even if you’re a veteran dabber, finding that perfect window for dropping your dab on a heated nail or banger can be a challenge. There are a lot of factors to consider, so why not hedge your bets with the help of the Terpometer? The Terpometer is a thermometer specifically calibrated to let you know the perfect temperature for dropping your dab. Billed as the world’s first electronic essential oil application tool, the Terpometer takes your heated banger’s temperature in real time, safely letting you know when the temperature’s just right with the green glow of its LCD screen. Retire the timer and stop taking stabs in the dark, because the Terpometer has the precision a perfect dab sesh demands!

  • world’s first electronic essential oil application tool
  • shows the temperature of a heated surface (banger) in real time
  • screen illuminates green suggesting ideal time to apply extracts for optimal effects/flavor

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