Pocket Beast Joint Holder w/2” Handle by Mystic Timber

Pocket Beast Joint Holder w/2” Handle by Mystic Timber

Mystic Timber

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Use This Pocket Joint and Blunt Holder to Make Your Sesh Something Special

For those of us who want something truly special from our smoking experience, the unique, hand-crafted Pocket Beast Joint Holder by Mystic Timber adds more than a touch of rustic sophistication. It would be a shame to refer to this elegantly crafted smoke wand as a roach clip, though it makes an ideal joint or blunt holder for any smoke aficionado. Each Pocket Beast is ergonomically honed from sustainable wood and prepared using eco-friendly means. A single, central grip contributes to reliable, comfortable handling with plenty of control. The hilt of the joint holder is carefully sanded and buffed with a non-toxic wax before being crowned with a nickel-plated stainless-steel clip. The Pocket Beast may be shorter than the other models in the Beast Collection, but it’s also thicker for a secure grip. The conveniently sized 2” handle takes on a deeper luster with use, ageing like fine wine. Add some natural class to your smoke circle with the Low Rider Beast Joint Holder.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Handmade from sustainable wood so each Beast is unique
  • Sanded, buffed with a proprietary, non-toxic wax, and tipped with a high-quality nickel-plated, stainless steel clip
  • Takes on a deeper luster with use

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