Myster Stashtray Bundle - Black


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A Rolling Tray for Those Who Enjoy the Finer Things

If you’re living that top shelf life, nothing but the Myster Stashtray Bundle will do for your storage and rolling needs. This classy, sophisticated answer to a comprehensive rolling station is built around a magnetic and modular rolling tray that merges impeccable organization with state-of-the-art innovation aimed at your comfort and convenience. With everything held in its right place with magnetic security, keeping your rituals neat and orderly is intuitive. Even the clean-up is a non-event thanks to a finger ramp that allows you to simply push your residual material into a rolling paper or bowl. When you’re ready to wrap up, the entire kit folds up neatly and discreetly into a locking magnetic stash box, as secure as it is sleek. This is the rolling station for true connoisseurs.

  • All-in-one magnetic and modular rolling tray organizes your stash with style
  • Finger ramp makes clean-up easy - push your leftovers into a bowl or paper
  • Discreet magnetic box with lock keeps your stash organized and easy to access

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