Huni Badger HB-X2 Battery Charger Power Bank

Huni Badger HB-X2 Battery Charger Power Bank

Huni Badger

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The Power's Right Here. Now What Are You Going to Do With It? 

Find the power solution for your versatile vape arsenal all in one place with the Huni Badger HB-X2 Battery Charger Power Bank. This 3-in-1 power station uses an included USB-A to USB-C to charge 2 18650 rechargeable batteries. You can also charge a connected device while charging your batteries simultaneously! A magnetic cover slips over the charging batteries, converting this device into an instant power bank. The included USB-A can be utilized to charge an array of portable devices. Need to know the status of your recharge? The HB-X2 uses 4 LED indicators to let you know just where you're at on the power. 
  • Small and compact portable design
  • Dual slot for charging 18650 rechargeable batteries
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • 5V USB input to charge (2A minimum recommended) 
  • Overcharge protection, auto cut-off when charging complete
  • One USB-A output for charging portable devices
  • Output over-current and output short circuit protections
  • 4 LED battery level and charging status indicator
  • Input: DC 5V (2A minimum recommended for fast charging)
  • Charging current 2A one battery or 1A each if two batteries installed
  • USB pass-through function during charging to conserve battery life

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