Huni Badger Ceramic Hunitip - High Temp

Huni Badger Ceramic Hunitip - High Temp

Huni Badger

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Thick Clouds from the King of Dab Straws

Huni Badger reminds us that they're the king of dab straws with the High Temp Ceramic Hunitip. This portable straw-style vaporizer brings you efficient convenience capable of producing thick plumes of vapor saturated with flavor thanks to the premium ceramic material. The Hunitip heats quickly and can handle pretty much any extract you throw it, regardless of consistency and viscosity. If you're looking for the honey straw that will have your back anytime, anywhere, this Ceramic Hunitip from Huni Badger can't be beat. 

  • Quality ceramic material
  • Quick heat up time
  • Produces thick vapor clouds
  • Melts and vapes most concentrates regardless of consistency and viscosity

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