Honeybee Original Bevel SW Black Line 14mm Male 45°

Honeybee Herb

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A Classic Quartz Banger Design Done The Right Way

This piece follows the same idea as the original Honeybee Herb Bevel, but if the 3mm thickness that already comes with the design just doesn’t cut it for you then let us introduce you to our seamless welded joint design. Protecting your banger from any poor torch aim and adding strength where it’s already a challenge to do so as we’re talking about a product made from 100% quartz front to back. In addition to a sturdier design, the seam-welded joint makes for a smoother and stronger hit.

  • Seamless-Weld Joint
  • Outer Diameter - 25mm
  • Thickness - 3mm
  • Bucket Height - 38mm
  • Edge - Bevel 
  • 45° Frosted Joint

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