Honey Bubble Hive Carb Cap

Honey Bubble Hive Carb Cap

Honeybee Herb

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Spin Those Terps or Direct That Air

Cant decide between a spinner carb cap and a bubble carb cap? The Honey Bee Bubble Hive Cap takes the best of both styles of carb caps and fuses them together. Big glob or small cold start dab? This is the cap to take your setup to the next level! With the Hive spinner air flow design, you can pair with a set of terp pearls for maximum heat retention or physically move the cap to direct airflow with ease thanks to the bubble shape of the cap. 

  • Multi use design allows the cap to be used with or without terp pearls
  • Hive vortex spinner design allows ample movement with terp pearls
  • Bubble design allows for directional airflow without the need for terp pearls


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