GRAV® 3.75" Dugout Pipe


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Your Compact Yet Thorough All-in-One Smoking Solution

You don’t have to play ball to know that the dugout is full of good times. That’s never been more apparent than with the Grav Dugout Pipe. This all-in-one metal cigarette and storage solution provides a discreet but thorough means of enjoying a puff on the go. The compact dugout pipe holds your ground herb in one compartment and the metal chillum in the other. Simply plunge the one hitter into the herb compartment to pack your chillum, take a quick hit and return it to its inconspicuous chamber. The swivel closure seals tightly and you can slide the compact dugout back into your pocket. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

  • Discreet 3.75” size
  • Includes metal one hitter
  • Swivel closure for security and ease of use
  • Choose your color

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