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The "M" Starter Pack offers everything a new DynaVap device user needs. It features The 2020 M, which is a battery-free device crafted from medical grade Stainless Steel and is the perfect introduction to DynaVap’s line of VapCaps. 

This Pack also includes a Cyclone (Triple Torch) lighter, which provides optimal heating results, along with a Cedar or Walnut DynaStash. The DynaStash includes a device storage compartment, an extra storage compartment for your stash, and an integrated DynaMag. The DynaMag will secure your DynaStash to any magnetic surface, help remove a hot Cap and hold any VapCap upright. The DynaWax will help extend the life of the O-Rings and assist when reassembling your battery-free device. The Pipe Cleaners are perfect for removing any buildup. This kit comes with every replacement part one would need for the M.

Kit contains:

  • The "M" (2020 model)
  • DynaStash: Cedar or Walnut**
  • Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter
  • Cotton Pipe Cleaners- hard bristle (5 pack)
  • DynaWax
  • 3 High Temp O-Rings
  • 2 Condenser O-Rings
  • 1 Replacement Part: Stainless Steel CCD

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