Dip Rectangle Silicone Dab Mat - Large

Dip Devices

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Dip Made Dabbing Convenient. Now They’re Making it Clean.

The Dip Rectangle Dab Mat offers you an 30cm x 21cm slab of silicone for keeping your sesh spill-free. Whether you’re using it as a placemat for your rig or a place to lay your dabber and other attachments, this non-stick silicone mat will protect your tabletop, furniture, carpet, etc. from sticky, persistent oil spills. This dab mat features the Dip Devices logo in honey yellow against a black backdrop with matching yellow border. Dip Devices have kept things clean while you’re on the go; now they’re keeping things clean in your home!

  • 30cm x 21cm
  • Created from non-stick silicone

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