Blazer Torch GT8000 – Orange Big Shot Torch – Limited Edition

Blazer Torch GT8000 – Orange Big Shot Torch – Limited Edition


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Orange You Glad You Remembered Your Dab Torch?

The limited-edition orange Blazer Big Shot Torch gives you everything you’ve loved about the reliable, easy-to-use and safe Blazer dab torch in a sun-kissed color. This industrial-grade butane torch hits temperatures of 2500°F so it will definitely be able to do your dabs right. The brass flame nozzle safely dispenses the heat which can be fully adjusted using the gas flow adjustment dial. The Blazer produces a flame you can count on with anti-flare tech holding the flame steady. You can even turn this dab torch upside down without the flame losing its strength. With a large reservoir capable of supporting 35-minutes of continuous ignition, this is definitely the butane torch you want in your corner for any marathon sesh.

  • Industrial-grade butane torch
  • Brass flame nozzle
  • Temp reaching up to 2500°F
  • Anti-flare tech produces and holds steady flame every time
  • Can be turned upside down without extinguishing flame
  • Generous reservoir with 35-minute burn time
  • Gas flow adjustment dial

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