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The Exotic Way to Roll a Jay

If you’re looking to walk the wilder side of the smoke circle, this Peacock Combo Pack from Be Lit can infuse your sesh with some much-needed color.

Add an exotic touch to your rolling duties with the Peacock Round Rolling Tray from Be Lit. This circular, platter-style rolling tray gives you a vast 12.75” diameter playing field for sorting, grinding, rolling and doing whatever you’ve got to do to get that perfect end result. The raised lip keeps all of your materials right where you need them but, beyond that, you have an unrestrained space for taking care of business while keeping clean up easier than ever. Roll up some of Mother Nature’s finest with the backdrop of one of her most beautiful patterns; the mesmerizing peacock feather.  And when everything is over, this party platter rolling tray simply tucks away inconspicuously.

But that’s not all. We’re also throwing in a matching ashtray to stand out from the colorless, boring options out there. This 4.5” Peacock Ashtray delivers with its inspiring printed image. Presenting plenty of pretty plumage for visual inspiration, this ashtray’s all about that natural sense of creativity. It features 4 convenient rest grooves, situated equal distance around the circumference for the comfort of everyone in your circle. It’s also easy to clean so you can wash away your ash and debris in seconds before moving onto more interesting pursuits.

Peacock Round Rolling Tray Specs:

  • Rounded platter-style rolling tray that can easily be tucked away inconspicuously when not in use.
  • Generous 12.75” diameter gives you plenty of space for work and play.
  • A raised lip gives you a safeguard boundary so your materials stay right where you want them.
  • High resolution graphic adds vibrant style – this isn’t your ordinary rolling tray!
  • Easy to clean surface keeps your rolling aftermath easier than ever.

Peacock Ashtray Specs:

  • Accommodating 4.5” diameter with plenty of space for ashing comfortably.
  • Features 4 convenient rest grooves situated around the tray.
  • Easy to clean surface.


  • 1 x Be Lit Brand Peacock Round Rolling Tray (12.75" diameter)
  • 1 x Be Lit Brand Peacock Ashtray (4.5" diameter)

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