Additional StashCube Replacement for HoverStash Levitating Display

Additional StashCube Replacement for HoverStash Levitating Display


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The Next Dimension of Storage and Display

Need extra StashCubes for your Hoverstash Levitating Display? We've got 'em! The HoverStash uses magnetic field technology to present your finest product in a hovering, rotating, 3” StashCube comprised of rugged yet pristine FDA-approved food grade acrylic. every detail visible through the three magnifying lenses, each producing 4 times magnification for pure scrutinizing beauty. But we know your stash is more than just a pretty face and the acrylic StashCube protects its freshness, offering 98% airtight security when the lid is closed. However, the lid snaps 1/3 open, giving curious noses a whiff of that unmistakable aroma.
  • Clear 3” StashCube constructed from durable FDA-approved food grade acrylic
  • Scrutinizing 4x magnification with three magnifying lenses
  • Lid snaps 1/3 open for scent sampling while remaining 98% airtight when closed

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